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Leslie County Bass Anglers Bylaws



The purpose of the LCBA is to enrich the lives of bass anglers

of Leslie and surrounding counties with the following:

- Ample opportunities to fish for bass

- Friendly competition

- Sportsmanship

- Conservation of our natural resources

- Fellowship




1.? Any person 16 years of age or older may become a

member of LCBA .? If you are under 18 years old you

must fish with a parent or legal guardian, or have a release?

form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

2.? Members do not have to live in Leslie County.

3.? Annual dues? 20.00 dollars.? Must be paid in full before

you can fish.

4.? Proven violations of bylaws or game laws and

repeative abuse of these laws, shall be dismissed from

membership, upon approval of committee.

5.     If you have ever been disqualified or barred from any?

Other Clubs or tournaments, you can be denied membership into LCBA.

6.     People that want to join for the first time must be voted in

By members of the club.? You must be voted in at least 5 days prior to the scheduled tournament.? 2 NO votes will deny you membership into the L.C.B.A. Dues must be paid before being voted on.

7.     If you are a member one year, and then not the next, then

You must be voted in if you want to join again.


Pre-tournament meetings will be held the week of the

Tournament on a? " if needed basis ". They will be held at Hyden elem.



2006 officers

1. The following offices are to be filledby majority vote

on the last regular meeting of each year.


- President- Randy Williams- To preside over all meetings

and club functions.

- Vice-President- Denton Asher-Assist the president and?

preside over meetings

when president is absent.

- Secretary/Treasurer- Todd Horton- To keep accurate

records of club

meetings, and finance.

-         Chaplin- Clarence Maggard? JR. Pre-tournament and post-tournament prayer.



COMMITTEES:? The president will appoint all committees


Tournament Committee-

1.? Mark Morgan

2.? D.J. Howard

3.? David Brock

4.? Kevin Gay

5.     Greg Miniard

6.     Clarence Maggard

7.     Glenn Gilbert

8.     Sam Howard

9.     Randall Combs

10. Buddy Roberts









1.     Buddy tournaments or individual if you choose.You can pay $45.00 and fish for half the pot and all of big fish.

( LCBA Members only )

2.     Five ( 5 )fish per boat- State regulation size limits.

3.     Cull before pulling boat out of water. .

4.     Fish other than bass can be kept for consumption, if legal size.?????????

5.     There will be a (.25) or ( 4 oz. ) penalty, and the loss of the fish if it is a short fish. You can request a courtesy measure.

6.? There will be a (.25) or (4 oz. ) penalty for dead fish.

7. Artificial lures only ( except pork frog )

8?? No trolling

11. All fish must be caught from the lake where tournament

Is held, and during the legal hours of the tournament

12. ??In the event of a tie, the money will be divided. (1st-? 2nd)(2nd-3rd).

13. ??All decisions of tournament committee are final. Any

Disputes must be protested before close of tournament

14. All live wellsand equipment will be inspected prior to????????? tournament for regulations.

15. Sign-ups end at 15 minutes prior to blast-off.

16. Participation is for all club members.Tournament

Officials have the right to deny participation for such

Reasons as intoxication, unsportsmanlike conduct, or

Operating a boat in a manner that endangers other????????

Other boaters, or disqualification from other clubs

Or tournaments.

17. ?Tournament officials may participate

18. ?The Leslie County Bass Anglers Club, the launch site,

And tournament officials will not be responsible or liable for any damages, injuries, or deaths that occur as a result of your participation in any club tournament, meeting, or other event.

19. ?$10.00 from each entry fee will be taken out for the

Classic in October




20. ??All tournament entry fees are $80.00 per boat

n     $ 10.00 per boat will be taken out for big fish

---? A Kentucky (spotted) will be determined by the jaw line



n     $5.00 will be taken out as skunk fee. If your boat does not weigh in you must pay before fishing another tournament.?

21. ??All fish will be measured as state regulations require and on a Golden Rule measure board. Fish will be measured while laying flat, from the tip of the lower jaw(mouth closed) to the tip of the tail with the lobes squeezed.

            22.You will be given a numbered chip at the start of the

            tournament,? You must keep this chip.

            Your chip must be in the bucket when alarm sounds.

            ?????????????????????????????over.If you are there, but your chip is not in the

            bucket, you are considered late.? No exceptions. In case

            emergency, or boat problems, another team can bring 1

            member of your team and the fish to weigh-in.? It is

recommended that each team have their own weigh-in


23????? All live fish will be released, unless a angler catches a fish??

he believes is a trophy and he is going to mount the

fish. Or if the fish is dead.??

24.. Life jackets must be worn while boat is on plane.

25. ?To be eligible to fish the classic? you must fish at least 6 tournaments. ?

5 of 2.? ( point .

26. The angler of the year will be awarded to the person with the least points.? You will count your best 10 tournaments of the year.(Golf System)

27. To be eligible to win the Lunker award,? the person

Must be eligible to fish the classic.? The person does not have to fish the classic, but must be eligible.



TOURNAMENT PAY-OUTS-? 5 boats or less

1st place 100%

????????????? ????????????????????????????????????6-10 boats

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1st place? 75%

2nd place 25%

11 or more boats?

1st place? 50%

2nd place 30%

3rd? place 20%

?????? All of these amounts are after the $10.00 fee is taken out for the Classic.

And $ 10.00 for bigfish.


























There will be a classic at the end of the season. Money for the classic will have accumulated from regular season tournaments. All club members are eligible to fish the classic if they aquired fish 6 regular season tournaments. You may buy 1 tournament at $80 at the end of the year. This must be paid Prior to Oct. 8 2006


?0-5 boats-? 1 vote

?6-10? boats-? 2 votes

11-15 boats-? 3 votes

16-20 boats-? 4 votes

21-25 boats-? 5 votes

26-30 boats-? 6 votes


All anglers that get a vote will fish the classic for free. ( Excluding big fish pot).



? ***? Angler of the year will be determined by total number of points.





1.     All tournament rules apply unless otherwise mentioned by the tournament committee.

2.        The lake and time for the classic will be drawn.? The top anglers will write their Choice down and it will be placed in a hat for the drawing.? If the president is not One of the top anglers,? then he will draw from the hat.

3.     CLASSIC ONLY- lake off-limits- 1 week prior to Classic.?

All boats will be checked before launching.

4.     There will be a pre-tournament meeting 1hour before the classic at the



?? Lake Regulations





CHEROKEE LAKE - 5 fish limit



Smallmouth- 15 inches

Largemouth- 15 inches

Spot/Ky- 12 inches




NORRIS LAKE- 5 fish limit



Smallmouth- 18 inches

Largemouth- 14 inches

Spot/Ky- 12 inches


DOUGLAS LAKE- 5 fish limit



Smallmouth- 20 inches? ( 1 Smallmouth may be kept )

Largemouth- 12 inches

Spot/Ky-12 inches





LAKE CUMBERLAND- 5 fish limit



Smallmouth- 18 inches

Largemouth- 15 inches

Spot/Ky- 12 inches